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Cerium utilizes multiple strategies to achieve our investment goals.



Cerium uses financial models to assess market valuations and movements over a multi-year investment horizon.  We seek to take long positions in undervalued assets and short positions in overvalued assets.


Quantitative Arbitrage

Quantitative analysis provides Cerium with transparency to relative discrepancies in price between securities.  These pricing differences may arise from security mispricing, risk perception, illiquidity, or changes in volatility.  We seek favorable returns from the arbitrage of such inconsistencies.



Event Driven

Corporate transactions such as acquisitions, divestitures, recapitalizations, restructuring, and liquidation create risk arbitrage opportunities for Cerium.  These events generate valuation inconsistencies in the market before or after these events.  We take advantage of this situations to drive risk-adjusted returns.


Risk Management

Each of the capital markets strategies are subject to rigorous risk management policies.  We employ mathematical models and operational due diligence to mitigate investment risks.

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